South America should be considered a hidden gem. Not many travelors consider South America when planning a holiday. South America is ful of diverse nature views, cultures, and shops. The thousands of miles of beautiful beaches make South America a must visit destination.

Galapagos Islands National Park The idea of protecting beautiful nature started at the Galapagos Islands. The 19 small islands offer a great blend of marine life and tropical climate.

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Parque Nacional Canaima, Venezuela The park features the tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls, and many sprawling rivers, jungle habitat, and the spectacular Guianan Savannas.

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Ipanema Beach, Brazil The sexiest stretch of beach in all of Brazil. It is lined with world famous juice bars inluding acai drinks.

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Rafael Larco Herrera Archalogical Museum Located in Lima, Peru, the museum features the finest collection of silver and gold from ancient Peru.

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Copacobana Beach Rio de Janeiro's most prized beach. The sandy coast attracts over 100,000 tourists yearly and for good reason. Enjoy the weather, culture, and prepare to be pampered at the resorts.

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Corcovado A 38 meter staatue of Christ stands on top of Corcovado, centarlly located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the Tijuca Forest.

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Sacsayhuaman A Peruvian historical site located in Cusco. The ruins were a temple to the Sun. The perameters are carved from solid rock


Chile In the north you’ll find tropical beaches worthy of the Caribbean and sophisticated vineyards, while down south there are glaciers, icy peaks and whales splashing about in the bays. The middle is a slow-altering shift between the two, home to vast cities, empty plains and mountains that hold heartbreak stories but still entice with their sheer beauty.

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Argentina You’ll probably arrive in Argentina via Buenos Aires, where the cosmopolitan inhabitants invigorate visitors with trendy galleries, lively bars and tango, tango, tango. Huge steaks and skillful soccer each have their place too, as does literature and the long-held traditions of a complex, raunchy city, all of which serve to stir up the same passion in visitors that locals seem to take for granted. While Buenos Aires is undoubtedly the cultural hub, Córdoba is almost as funky, with contemporary galleries mixing with trance DJs and ancient Jesuit ruins, while tiny mountain villages lie just up the hill.

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